Custom Cabinet and Furniture Maker in Arizona

Custom cabinet and Furniture Maker in Arizona

Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry and Wood Furniture Company in Arizona

About the Owner

Dyjak Woodworks LLC is a custom cabinet and furniture maker in Arizona that has been creating uniquely designed and expertly crafted wood cabinetry and furniture, for over 25 years. The company was founded on the passion and craftsmanship of Joseph Dyjak, who is a 1st generation American, born of Polish and German immigrants The concepts of design / function and durability / creativity are at the forefront of each project I undertake. Our dedication and desire to provide a truly great business / client relationship is evident in all my dealings. Your satisfaction and peace of mind through any renovation is what I strive for, when creating elegant cabinetry and custom furniture for your home, offices, hotels, and other business in Arizona.

The Early Years

The beauty of finely crafted furniture and millwork appealed to me, early in my childhood. Delivering newspapers to many, late 18th century Victorian Homes ignited my interests in finely crafted furniture and millwork. Working many a summer day with my dad, doing restoration work started the long journey to my success I enjoyed today. Schooling in architecture and civil engineering enhanced the vision to design and build finely crafted cabinetry and furniture, with a creative eye for detail, and a willingness to deliver pride of ownership to all.

About the Company

Joseph Dyjak heads the artistic and business direction of Dyjak Woodworks LLC. Together with his dedicated team of wood craftsmen, we can deliver to you a product that is truly a one of-a-kind, of heirloom quality. We are a premier full service custom cabinetry and furniture wood shop. The distinguished character of our cabinetry speaks for itself. Let us work with you to achieve for you, many years of undeniable enjoyment in what was created for you.

Referrals have always been a key to our success. I reach out to all of you, who do not know me and experience what all previous clients, architects, contractors and other industry partners have. When I heard a former client tell others, “that only a DYJAK kitchen will do, nothing else compares “. I am humbled and proud of my achievement.

Every project is an expense, protect your investment, buy letting us deliver to you, a level of quality and service that is unmatched in today’s standards. Please don’t hesitate to indulge in excellence. Call us to schedule an appointment, to start serving you.